Konzi im KuZe: Pigeon + Bass Sick Shit

1.Juni 19:00 Uhr [ ]KUZE Theatersaal

Das Kollektivanalog lädt ein zum Konzert im KuZe mit PIGEON und BASS SICK SHIT!

Eintritt frei | 2G-Veranstaltung

It’s already 3 years Berlin-based band Pigeon released their self-titled debut LP and shortly after the Bug EP but also hard to believe they found the time to get together with all the involvement in other projects like Liiek, Ostseetraum, Benzin or or or. The 10 new songs on Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity are dry, restive and full of guitar feedback. Pigeon are a contemporary version of post-punk heroes Wire and New Zealand’s noiserock band The Gordons.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62LbNGb1V58

Started off 2014, based in Berlin and SWC, we put all of our passion in this- this is our punkrock contribution to us all. PMA! Sing along and have fun with us.